Google Shopping Success

Advertise Your Products, Get High-Quality Visitors & Make Profitable Sales

What's included?

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5 mins
Start your Google Shopping journey
The Google Shopping Success Community
What is Google Ads?
8 mins
Module 1 - Setting Up For Success
From Product to Product Ad
4 mins
Product Feed 101
9 mins
Product Feeds on Shopify
16 mins
Product Feeds on WooCommerce
12 mins
Product Feeds on Other Ecommerce Platforms
8 mins
Setting Up Google Merchant Center
11 mins
Fixing Problems in Google Merchant Center
4 mins
Setting Up Google Ads
3 mins
Setting Up Google Analytics
13 mins
Module 2 - From Launch To Sales
Lessons From a Million Dollar Ad Account
4 mins
Under The Hood
4 mins
Launching Your First Campaign
6 mins
The Ins And Outs Of Smart Shopping
19 mins
Optimization Pyramid
8 mins
Account Structure
18 mins
Negative Keywords
13 mins
6 mins
Bid Adjustments
15 mins
Optimization Routine
29 mins
Tracking Sales in Google Analytics
17 mins
Worksheet: REPEAT campaign tracker
Module 3 - Save And Scale
Save and Scale
2 mins
Custom Labels
23 mins
Search Query Level Bidding
48 mins
Cheat sheet: Getting Search Query Level Bidding Right
42.6 KB
Keyword Research on Steroids: N-Gram Analysis
20 mins
Product Feed Optimization
14 mins
Leveraging Audiences
17 mins
Competitive Research
10 mins
Star Ratings
10 mins
Merchant Promotions
9 mins
Google Merchant Center Feed Rules
21 mins
Working with Supplemental Feeds
14 mins
Data Feed Tools
26 mins
Target ROAS Bidding
13 mins
Product Level Ad Groups
9 mins
Showcase Shopping Ads
18 mins
From Smart To Really Smart Shopping
25 mins
Advanced Analytics
10 mins
Pulling The Plug
8 mins
Module 4 - Google Shopping Extras
Surfaces on Google (How to get your free Shopping clicks 🤑)
Getting a CPC discount with CSS (EU only)
10 mins
Strategy Guide: Google Shopping Success For Dropshippers
233 KB
Strategy Guide: Google Shopping Success For Print On Demand
283 KB
Module 5 - Beyond Google Shopping
What's Next?
3 mins
Dynamic Remarketing
26 mins
Static Remarketing
13 mins
From Shopping To Search Ads
39 mins
🏁 The Finish Line
Course change log