Course change log

Our goal is to have the best course on the market.

An important part of that is staying up to date with new developments.

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This overview shows how the Google Shopping Success course has changed:
  • May 2016: Launched with 10 video lessons 🥳
  • July 2017: Launched v2: 6 new lessons and rerecorded the old ones
  • December 2018: v3 - complete overhaul of all the existing lessons and a ton of new material resulting in a total of 40 lessons in total
  • January 2020: Added cheat sheet
  • February 2020: Added new lesson: Supplemental Feeds
  • April 2020: Added new lesson: Keyword research on Steroids: N-gram Analysis
  • May 2020: Added new lesson: Surfaces on Google (How to get your free Shopping clicks 🤑)
  • July 2020: Updated lesson on Search Query Level bidding

Google Shopping Success

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