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This overview shows how the Search Ads Success course has changed:

  • March 2023:

    • New: "Leveraging AI for Search Ads"

    • New: "35+ ChatGPT prompts cheat sheet"

  • July 2022:

    • Updated "Practical Search Ad Writing"

    • New "Running Effective Search Ads"

    • New "The Power Of Pinning"

    • New "Introducing Ad Elements""

    • Updated "Testing Search Ads 

    • Updated "Testing Ad Extensions" 

    • New "Ad Elements cheat sheet"

    • New "Ad Elements Swipe File"

  • January 2022

    • New intro video 😎

    • Updated "Keyword Expansion"

    • Updated "Evolving Keyword Match Types"

    • Updated "Testing Ads And Ad Extensions"

    • Updated "The 3-Step Ad Creation Process"

  • February 2021: Added new guide: Dealing With Changing Match Types (February 2021 update)

  • December 2019: launched with 29 lessons 🥳